ABC Staffing LLC


Established in 2009, ABC Staffing employs experienced Recruiters and Account Representatives who work aggressively to find the best applicants for available job openings.  ABC Staffing handles primarily temporary to permanent positions, but also staffs for strictly temporary assignments, as well as direct hire positions.


JUNE 2018 BRAIN TEASER          

Jim bought a motorcycle.  After two years, it had depreciated to $6,000 and in five years it had a book value of $3,750.  What did the motorcycle cost originally and how long before it would have a book value of $0?

Answer:  The original cost was $7,500.  Book value is $0 in ten years.  ($6000 minus $3750 = 2250 divided by 3 yrs = $750 depreciation yearly)


With over 75 years combined experience in various areas of staffing, ABC Staffing prides itself on providing excellent applicants and job opportunities to both employers and potential employees, respectively.

ABC STAFFING, a certified Women Owned business, is a professional private recruiting/staffing firm that offers a complete line of human resource services to your organization.  We provide permanent, temporary, temp to perm and direct hire placement at all levels of expertise.